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Disability Services Minister Helen Morton today officially launched the Western Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme My Way trial at a community event in Busselton.

Starting from today, all eligible people with disability in the Lower South West trial site, including those with psychosocial disability, will be entitled to support through the State Government’s WA NDIS My Way.

It means these people, and their families, will not be competing with one another for scarce funding. All eligible people will receive the reasonable and necessary support they require.

An extra $100million, including $40million of State Government funding, is expected to be spent on supporting the 8,400 people in the State’s two NDIS trials over the two-year trial period. This is over and above the funds currently provided to people with disability across the State.

Frontpage State Article

Assaults against West Australian police officers have dropped by more than one third since the Liberal National Government introduced mandatory sentencing laws in 2009.

The report into the effectiveness of the legislation, tabled in State Parliament today, showed the number of assaults against police officers had decreased from 1,346 to 892 over a four year period.

Attorney General Michael Mischin said there were similar reductions in the number of charges laid for assaults on other public officers.

“There has been an overall 27 per cent decrease in the number of charges of assaulting a public officer prescribed under the legislation and causing them bodily harm since the 2009 amendments,” Mr Mischin said.