The Party



The Western Australian Division of the Liberal Party formally began on 12th January 1945, soon after the famous Albury Conference had united a large number of fragmented anti-socialist political forces to form the Liberal Party of Australia.

In October 1945 a country storekeeper and WWII veteran David Brand captured the country seat of Greenough in a by-election. He was the first Liberal in Australia to win a seat from the ALP.


We Believe

  • ln Australia, its people and its future.
  • ln the innate worth of the individual, in the right to be independent, to own property and to achieve, and in the need to encourage initiative and personal responsibility.
  • ln the basic freedoms of thought, worship, speech, association and choice.
  • ln equality of opportunity, with all Australians having the opportunity to reach their full potential in a tolerant national community.